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Saphron [userpic]
Innominata - Sept 1 (next week!) - Auckland
by Saphron (denerose)
at August 25th, 2007 (02:15 pm)

Start planning your outfits to win those exciting costume prizes!!

Zanzibar is a perfect venue and we have some great entertainment lined up so make sure you don't miss out on checking this one out.
Room Noir will be on early to sooth and scare you with beautiful music, the Djs Somnus, Spiggy and Valec will try to keep you dancing and amused and then Vostok Lake and The Vostok Girls will go on at midnight.
There are prizes for best costumes male and female, and best mask as well as a charity raffle for the Auckland Cat Rescue (who also get all the profit from the night that isn't going to the bands).

Costume Magic are one of our sponsors and will hire you a full costume (including all layers and accessories) for just $50. Make sure you mention Innominata and go in the special prize draw!